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Asset Tracker

Enterprise Asset Management Solution

What is Asset Tracker?

Asset Tracker is a highly customizable one-point solution designed to support enterprises in managing organizational assets and to optimize operational costs.

How does Asset Tracker work?


Add assets to inventory


Assign a custodian


Assigning assets to employees


Return to inventory

Features of Asset Tracker


Asset Particulars

Record and store particulars of any assets like its nature/ category, brand name, model, serial number, specifications, warranty status, and vendor details etc. for the better understanding of the performance, ability, and upgrade requirements.


Asset Allocation

Asset Tracker allows allocation of the company’s assets to authorized users according to the eligibility and criteria set by the management or the availability of the stock.


Tracking Users

The system helps to track the user of particular assets and the status of the allocated assets. It raises the accountability and increases the lifetime of the assets.


Service history tracking

Asset tracker provides a complete history of an asset including general trends of usage, repair, service quality, productivity level, the frequency of break-down, and lifetime.


Secure Access

Built-in administrative controls for managing permissions to access information and perform certain tasks.


Highly Customizable

Asset Tracker facilitates customization of the application as per the managerial requirements of the enterprises to maximize the leverage of the assets.


Biometric Technology

Accurately identify assigned employee with a scalable biometric matching system. Asset Tracker can utilize multiple biometric modalities like a fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and facial recognition.


Web & Mobile App

Web & Native Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) allows the user to add, assign, monitor, return, and re-issue the assets for proper management.


Cloud Architecture

Save money on building and maintaining IT infrastructure. Asset Tracker is a cloud-based solution that not only reduces your IT human resources and hardware investment, but also takes away all the headaches associated with maintaining them.


Blockchain AI

Application of blockchain and artificial intelligence provides end-to-end security and decentralization of information.


Email Notification

Asset Tracker sends automatic email notifications to its users for any changes of the status.


Analytics Dashboard

The sophisticated analytical dashboard helps decision makers to make decisions using previous data while considering different business perspectives.


Robust Reporting

Asset Tracker generates custom reports of the assets allocated, their lifetime, reusables, and utilization on the basis of a particular time span, budget, expenditure, or all of the criteria.

Who can use Asset Tracker?


Corporate offices


Manufacturing plants


Power plants


Car rental companies


Hospitals & Healthcare


Educational institutions

Why Choose Asset Tracker?


Asset Tracker helps to manage and distribute all of the assets of an enterprise in a distinct way. It assures maximum leverage of the assets involving the least amount of manpower and increases operational efficiency.


The software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model makes the Asset Tracker affordable for enterprises of different scales. So, any enterprise can subscribe to the system as per their business size and requirements.

Cost Reduction

The asset overview indicates the actual status of the assets considering maintenance, determining durability, and replacing the assets at the right time. Asset Tracker reduces the cost of early damages and unnecessary expenditure.


The assets of an enterprise are assigned to someone. Whenever the respective employee knows that the asset status is being monitored, it raises his/ her accountability to take care of the assets.

Return on Investment

The overall deployment budget is very affordable considering the returns of the Asset Tracker in any enterprise. It helps to reduce cost and increase efficiency which directly impacts revenue and confirms the best return on investment.

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