Fleet Manager

Stay on top of your enterprise’s vehicle operation in real time!


What is Fleet Manager?

Fleet Manager is a cloud-based solution that utilizes state-of-the-art technologies like biometrics, machine learning, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make vehicle management operation smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.

Effortless Fleet Management

Tired of the pile of paperwork? Using Fleet Manager a user can manage drive profile, schedule fleet, manage fuel cost and so on within friction of time.

Avoid Information Overload

No more information burnout. Get all the required information from Fleet Manager using an interactive search bar and manage your fleet efficiently with Fleet Manager.

Effective Decision Making

Take an effective decision on fleet management. Fleet Manager provides valuable insights and reports on fleet operations, drivers activity, maintenance log, etc that make decision making effective.

How does Fleet Manager work?


Features of Fleet Manager


Analytics Dashboard

Get valuable insight into the vehicle’s movement and usage pattern with an advanced analytics dashboard that supports timely and informed decision-making.

Task Management

Assign, manage, and track fleet management tasks like product delivery and employee transportation with Fleet Manager. The system also provides task alerts so that you don’t miss any scheduled tasks.

Remote Inspection

Perform remote inspections from anywhere and anytime you want. With its mobile application, drivers can log the vehicle’s status, traffic updates, route changes, accidents, and natural disaster alerts effectively and efficiently.

Location Tracking

Know your vehicle’s location in real time. Fleet Manager comes with a sophisticated GPS tracking feature that can track and inform you of your vehicle’s location.

Driver’s ID Management

With Fleet Manager you can keep a record of your driver’s biometric and demographic information, their driving log and license information.

Fuel Log Management

Manage fuel log and save valuable money. The record can be maintained from anywhere and from any place.

Permission Management

Fleet Manager provides full functionality of managing permissions across the organization.

Highly Customizable

Fleet Manager is a fully customizable solution with a drag-and-drop design editor. Anyone can customize it without any coding knowledge at all.

Cloud Architecture

Save money on building and maintaining IT infrastructure. Fleet Manager is a cloud-friendly solution that reduces your IT resources and hardware investments while removing the headaches associated with maintaining them.

Web & Mobile App

Web & native mobile apps (Android and iOS) allows users to upload, verify, and lookup drivers’ information and operations data, images, documents, biometric data, etc.

Biometric Data Capture

Capture all your driver’s biometric data for a background check and future identification. Fleet Manager can scan multiple biometric modalities like the fingerprint, finger-vein, iris, and facial recognition.

Vehicle Scheduling

Schedule and manage your vehicle’s maintenance and repair schedule with just a few clicks. With Fleet Manager you can also check and manage your driver’s every trip and assign their shifts.

Email Notification

Fleet Manager sends automatic email notifications of the updates of vehicles to the users.

Detailed Reporting

Reporting modules on fleet operations show drivers’ activity reports, maintenance logs, future schedules, and visual charts for vehicles’ locations.

Blockchain Technology

Built upon blockchain and artificial intelligence technology that provides end-to-end security and decentralization of data.

Who Can Use Fleet Manager?

Small and Medium Enterprises
Distribution Companies
Retail Business
Banks & Financial Institutions
Telecommunication Companies
Educational Institutions

Why Choose Fleet Manager?

Reduced Paperwork

Reduce your paperwork and make data collection and processing fast and efficient.

Central Fleet Monitoring

Monitor all vehicles across your fleet from a centralized database system.

Remote Access

Fast 24/7 access to driver and vehicle information using mobile devices and web browsers.

Keep the Bad Guys Away

Avoid the risks and costs associated with hiring the wrong drivers and service people.

Complete Driver Profiling with Demographic Detail

Store a comprehensive and real-time profile of drivers’ demographics, health, activities, and other details.

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