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Accelerate your customer relationship management


What is Simple CRM?

Simple CRM is the easiest app for relationship management with existing and potential customers of any enterprise. It accelerates the process of business lead capturing and qualifying, as well as keeps track of the communications for managing interactions between the company and existing or potential customers.

Everything in One Place

Improves business communication by syncing all customer query, quotation, solution, negotiation, and service in one place.

Deal More Efficiently

Optimizes tasks, processes and anyone from the team can deal with the customers to provide personalized service.

Be More Productive

Web and Mobile App facilitates working on the go that accelerate productive sales activities, and ensure high response rate.

How Can it be Used?

Create/Manage Accounts

Add/Manage Contacts

Manage Communication

Create/Update Deals

Add Products & Services

Manage Sales People


Features of Simple CRM

Account Management

Creating a new account and contact or assigning a contact in an account allows users to connect store and share the details of potential customers.

Mobile App

Simple CRM introduced CRM-on-the-go enabling mobile apps for Android and iOS. Now reporting becomes more flexible for the sales team and there is no chance to omit any single opportunity.

Product Integration

Add, modify, and update your product line in CRM to integrate with customer’s account. This amazing feature of Simple CRM helps to design promotional offers, campaigns, customized offerings for the targeted accounts to boost the sales.

Highly Customizable

Fully customize Simple CRM with a drag-and-drop design editor. Anyone can configure the application to meet specific business requirements without any coding required.

Analytics Dashboard

The sophisticated analytical dashboard helps decision makers to take the decision from the previous sales data, and activity logs considering different business perspective.

Cloud Architecture

Simple CRM not only reduces IT human resources & hardware investment but also takes away all the hassles associated with maintaining them.

Email Notification

Simple CRM sends automatic email and In-App notifications to the users regarding every single update of any open tasks, or deals.

Robust Reporting

Generates custom reports for leads, opportunities, sales trends, etc. on the basis of past records. It helps to design a sales campaign & forecast sales.

Who Can Use Simple CRM?

Small and Medium Enterprises
Distribution Companies
Retail Business
Banks & Financial Institutions
Telecommunication Companies
Educational Institutions

Why Choose Simple CRM?


Simple CRM helps to manage the leads and maintain the relationship with existing and potential customers in a single platform. The integrated system accumulates all customers’ information that facilitates the quality of customer service efficiently.


The software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model makes Simple CRM affordable to the enterprises of different scales. So, any enterprise can subscribe to the system as per their business size and requirement.

Sales Performance Management

Using Simple CRM managers can understand the performance of their team and determine areas of needed improvement. It helps to uplift the performance in any circumstances and to discover any negative issues that needs to be overcome as early as possible.

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