Boost the productivity of remote employees


What Is CloudDesk?

The CloudDesk app creates a trusted remote working environment where employees can confirm that they are part of a focused and integrated labor pool regardless of their physical separation.



Remote Monitoring

Know who is working and who is not. CloudDesk establishes reliable oversight for your remote employees so you can have greater peace of mind.

Boost Productivity

CloudDesk strengthens accountability and enables your employees to remain focused, especially those who might not be used to a remote working environment.

Protect Your Business

Especially during times of uncertainty, keeping remote employees focused and helping them to accomplish their goals is critical to maintaining a healthy business.

Features of CloudDesk


Remote Check-In

Enable employees to check-in when they start working. Enroll their Face ID for attendance confirmation throughout the work day.


Attendance Confirmation

Periodically prompt employees to confirm their engagement throughout the working day.


Robust Insights

Capture key attendance and application activity data to better understand your business.


Seamless Integration and Management

Optionally sync attendance data with Kronos and ADP through our seamless integration.


Platform Flexibility

Support for web & mobile apps (Android and iOS) enable admins to administer user settings and analyze data across various devices.

How Does It Work?


Why Choose CloudDesk?

Affordable Pricing

Pricing starts for a low monthly fee per employee! The CloudDesk app subscription also provides access to additional business productivity apps that are offered through the CloudApper platform.

Create a Trusted Environment

The app creates a trusted remote working environment where employers have more confidence in employee participation while working remotely.

Increase Business ROI

Keeping remote employees focused protects your business from unwanted loss. As a result, operations and goals can stay on track even during times of heightened concern.

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