Safety Assure

Workplace Safety Compliance Suite


Safety Assure helps companies implement a safer workplace with no administrative burden. Our easy-to-use mobile app enables your employees to access information, log incidents, and send maintenance alerts to reduce operational costs and legal liability.


Maintain Compliance Obligations

Compliance is not a matter to overlook, in fact, it is one of the most effective ways of saving medical and miscellaneous administrative expenses.


Reduce Maintenance Cost

Compliance ensures proper maintenance of machinery, which reduce the chances of sudden downtime in production and extend the lifetime of assets.


Reduce Workplace Injury

Preventive measures reduce the rate of workplace injury and prevent recurring incidents by identifying root causes, risks, hazards, and trends.

Features of Safety Assure

Compliance Obligations

Have a clear and detailed overview of the compliance obligations from your device. It helps the respective executives to remain updated with each clause without any confusion.


Incident Management

Streamline safety incident and accident reporting to leverage preventive action software tools, and prevent similar incidents from happening again identifying the reasons behind.


Audit Management

Safety Assure facilitates the audit management scheduling audit, identifying issues, initiating corrective actions and assessing the effectiveness, reporting, and creating the benchmark.


Knowledge Base

Be updated on the different regulations standards like OSHA, ILO, and European Compliance to assure workplace safety in the manufacturing sector through SafetyAssure.


Training Management

The application allows to add new training course, assign trainee, set training schedule on workplace safety compliance and records the details of the training effortlessly.


Maintenance Management

Cut overall maintenance costs, extend the life of the equipment, and reduce downtime scheduling and inspecting maintenance, and work orders.

Robust Reporting

Build robust reports on regulations, training, implementation and many other data elements to ensure high levels of transparency and eliminate loopholes.

Cloud Architecture

Save money on IT infrastructure costs. OSHA Checklist App is a cloud-based solution that reduces your dependency on IT human resources and hardware investment.

How Does it Work?


Why Choose Safety Assure?

Kick-Off Compliance Errors

Meeting workplace compliance is no longer a complex task. SafetyAssure enables users to have a clear overview of the OSHA, ILO, and European Compliance regulations.

Efficiency in Compliance

Safety Assures brings all the workplace safety compliance issues in a single platform and enables the users to manage them more efficiently and effectively than before.

Reduce Administrative Expense

Reduce your paperwork and unnecessary administrative work hours to meet the compliance, and leave your worries to find out previous files for the assessment.

Central Monitoring and Management

Monitor and manage all compliance policies, procedures, meeting, and training from a centralized web management system.

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